Uninsured young driver pays

A young man in Ontario learned a tough lesson recently about driving without insurance.

Cordy Norton, a 23 year-old driver refused to buy vehicle insurance because it was too expensive. His fines totaled $9,325 in a Sarnia court. Norton pled guilty to violating the mandatory insurance law of Ontario on August 20 and November 10 2008 in Lambton County.

He was actually charged six times but his two guilty please gave him a chance of being able to afford the fines. The whole problem arose because Norton said his insurance was too expensive because of the $700 per month cost.

Norton received a $7,500 fine and an automatic fine surcharge kicked the cost up to $9,325.

Norton was fortunate that he was not involved in a claim situation. Carrying insurance on your vehicle is not just for your own benefit. The insurance answer to why you carry insurance is to provide adequate compensation to persons for your injury to their person or property.