Wood floor oil based sealer recall

Recall of Kunos Natural Oil-based Sealer No. 244

August 17 2010 Health Canada recalled a waterproof natural oil-based sealer used on wooden floor, sold under the brand name "KUNOS" by Livos Canada. This oil comes in various colours and sizes. The recalled oil can be identified by the item number 244.

What is the danger?

The problem that Health Canada's auditing process has revealed is that the products do not meet labelling requirements under Canadian law. The products lack the spontaneously combustible symbols and warnings required for flammable consumer chemicals.

You need to know that a product identified as spontaneously combustible may cause rags and cloths used with the product to burn on their own. Since this product does not have the correct labelling information, including appropriate warnings, this could lead to property damage and serious injury.

Livos Canada has had calls from consumers about rags becoming hot to the point of producing smoke. At the time of recall there have been no reported fires or injuries. As well Health Canada has not received any reports of incidents or injuries to Canadians related to the use of these products.

So what do I do?

You should stop using the products and contact Livos Canada for a replacement label. After the replacement label is received and affixed on product, you can use it safely again. You may also dispose of the product as per Municipal Hazardous Waste Guidelines if you do not want an exchange.

For information on how to request a new label, you may contact Livos Canada at 1-877-909-3123 or visit the Livos website.

**How many units have been sold and where?*

There have been about 5,000 units of the recalled products sold by Livos at various independent stores in British Columbia, Ontario and Quebec. The product was sold from June 2009 to May 2010. This product was manufactured in Germany and distributed by Livos Canada of Proulxville, Quebec.