Why not traffic circles?

Why do we not see more traffic circles in Canada? The insurance answer is that these circles help reduce accidents. City planners have usually not considered the option and to amend existing roads in usually cost-prohibitive.

Though the new driver might find them confusing, they are safer then regular intersections. Drivers have to slow down and yield to right-of-way, to the traffic that is already on the circle.

Studies have shown that traffic circles can reduce accidents by 75%, where previously stop signs or traffic signals were used for control.

The traffic circle works by the vehicles traveling counter-clockwise, around a center island. The drivers have to pay close attention to get to their desired exit, which causes them to focus more closely.

The traffic circle helps relieve congestion where there is high traffic. It is something for the city planners to consider, when setting up new areas which could develop high traffic. The insurance answer is risk control. Anything that will reduce claims and save lives, should be considered.