Who is funding terrorists?

The funding for terrorism can come from legitimate sources such as charitable entities or legitimate business that does not know they are dealing with a terrorist group. Of course there is funding from crime and from political and state sponsors. the state sponsored terrorism happens when a country is suffering cultural or political unrest.

There can be another country that provides funds to further accelerate the problems. Money can be raised and sent to the outside country from expatriates living in the country targeted for the terrorism. This money can be as a result of a "tax" or it can be money freely given to religious groups or local associations in an effort to maintain their identity and heritage. Terrorism can also be one wealthy individual with strong political motivation.

Terrorists can receive funds from organized crime who make money from gambling, drugs, smuggling, prostitution and kidnapping. Such activities bring in a lot of money very quickly. It is frightening to now realize that it costs as little as an estimated $325,000 in total to finance the September 11 hijackers.