What three things are most important for a quote?

The main reasons for an increase from a quote, are because you failed to provide one of the following:

  1. Claims history - if you have had a claim - any claim in the past six years. Providing full and accurate information allows for higher accuracy in the quoting process. The underwriters will research your information, and any negative will likely surface. Avoid disappointment by having your claims and experience letter available, if you have been under your employer's automobile insurance or are from out of province.
  2. Tickets or convictions - for your auto insurance this can be critical. Some insurers rate for even just one ticket. A serious or major ticket has a big impact on the amount you will pay. Pay attention to school zones and playgrounds, because one of these tickets can increase your rates by 50%! This affects all drivers on the policy. Tickets from another province will be made available to underwriters across the country, so it is best to be up front with this information.
  3. Cancellations - if you have been cancelled by an insurer, not had insurance over a period of time, or refused a renewal, then it can result in a break in your history. You may be denied payment plans. If this is your situation, then it is better to know from the beginning, if you have limited payment options.