Wildfire is when a fire has started either in a forest, a timbered area or even a grass fire. It is a fire that is out of control and a threat to people and their property.

What happens to your house insurance if the area you live in has fires? The most important thing for you to remember is not to let your policy run out. Make sure that you keep your insurance up-to-date. Most of the insurance companies will not allow coverage to be added once the fires start in your area.

This limitation can occur anytime from April 1 to about September 30th. Each province should have a website to check for fire warnings. The one for the Canadian government is located here. The one for Alberta is here.

The Alberta Government has put the following information together to help prevent wildfires, keep the following fire safety tips in mind:

  • When planning a camping trip, check to see if there are any fire bans or fire advisories is in effect by monitoring the provincial fire bans/forest closures website.
  • When camping in a campground, use the fire facility provided. These stoves, rings and pits are located and designed to prevent a campfire from spreading to nearby forest cover.
  • Look for signs that warn of potential fire hazards in provincial parks and campgrounds. Always obey park regulations.
  • Keep campfires small, and never leave your campfire unattended.
  • Clear away any dry, burnable debris for at least one metre around your campfire.
  • Keep a supply of water nearby.
  • Build your fire on rocks and sand in an open area (not under a tree).
  • When extinguishing your campfire, soak it with water, stir up the ashes, and soak it again. Always make sure your fire is completely out before leaving the campsite.

Remember what Smokey the Bear used to say, "only you can prevent forest fires".