What is Trip Insurance?

Trip Insurance can be for when you travel or a special form of vehicle insurance. We'll start with discussing travel insurance.

Travel/excess medical insurance

Travel insurance is for the sudden, unexpected health concern that can occur when you are traveling outside your home province. Some examples would include:

  • falling and chipping a tooth,
  • developing a fever and needing a doctor's examination and possibly a prescription
  • falling and breaking a leg and needing x-rays and possible hospitalization.

Travel insurance can also be for trip interruption or cancellation for the cost of the tickets or return airfare. Some examples of this would include:

  • death of a family member
  • government order banning travel to a certain area
  • accident preventing travel on a certain date

This insurance is often sold with the tickets when you book through a travel agent. Some credit card companies provide some coverage for their card holders. You can look for travel insurance online or through an agent or broker. Ask questions about the insurance you are purchasing to be sure you are getting what you need.

Vehicle Trip Insurance

Trip insurance is also a term used for a short-term automotive policy. It can be for a minimum of one day and a minimum of 8% of the annual premium. This is coverage that can be purchased when you are moving a vehicle from one province to another or if you have a short-term very specific need for coverage. This coverage is usually purchased through the Facility Association which is the high-risk market and has very high premiums.

Talk to your agent or broker to see if there is a different method you can use to avoid trip insurance. It is expensive.

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