Sound Equipment

Taking a ride and listening to good music is a great way to spend an afternoon. Did you add to the factory sound system in your vehicle?

When car insurance talks about sound equipment it is referring to the permanently installed sound system in your vehicle. It can include, but is not limited to, items such as a CD player, radio and speakers.

Most insurance companies will limit payment to $1500 for replacing sound equipment.

If you have a more expensive system you should contact your agent or broker. You will need to provide the details of your system and the value. This change will affect Section C of your policy under the Comprehensive or Specified Perils.

Yes, it will cost you some more money on your insurance premium. It is something you should consider otherwise when you have a claim you will be limited to the $1500 payout in total.

Be aware that any CD, MP3, or other form of device that is not a part of the permanent sound system is considered personal property. If your vehicle is broken into and your sound system stolen then that is usually a separate claim with it's own deductible from any media.

If you have made an investment into your vehicle's sound system then you need to know the limitations of your policy. If you have not been told then ask. You have a right to know.