Slip & Fall

Business owners have found that in the last 20 years, there has been a trend in insurance of increasing claims for Slip and Fall. These are incidents when a customer trips, falls or slips while on the premises of a business. If someone is on your property and that person stumbles, trips, falls or is hurt while on your premises, then you could be involved in a claim. If there is a situation that does not result in injury, this is regarded as an incident.

You can help prevent these claims by taking certain precautions. Some of these would include:

  • Check out your location - walk around your building and look for any potential risky spots. This is both inside and out. Pay careful attention to spots such as aisles, entranceways, washrooms, walkways, parking lots, stairs, ramps and anywhere where there could be a build up of ice or snow plus an increase in elevation.
  • Be sure that you have excellent housekeeping. This is particularly important if it is raining and you have slate floors or slippery vinyl areas.
  • Keep the surrounding areas where a customer might walk very tidy. Fill potholes, clean up debris, maintain safe conditions for stairways and handrails, adequate lighting and cracks in pavement could all contribute to a slip and fall situation.
  • Establish a routine "to do" inspections on a regular schedule. Make sure that your staff also look for any potential dangerous situations.
  • If there is an incident, then be sure that you write down all the particulars and advise your insurance agent or broker. Have a procedure for dealing with an incident written out, and all staff trained to deal with this situation. Have this information in a well-known location.

Consider Risk Management as part of a program that you might use, to reduce your claims frequency and insurance premiums. Your own safety program can respond to this issue, and minimize the possibility of a successful claim against your business.