GIR is an acronym for Garage Inspection Report. This term is used more by the insurance companies then the brokers or agents. You will hear the term, VIR for Vehicle Inspection Report as well. They mean the same thing.

If your vehicle is 12 years old and older then most insurers will request that an inspection be done to show that your car or truck is safe to drive. If your automobile fails to pass a part of the inspection then you will have to get repairs done, provide the receipts and possibly have to get the car inspected again.

Not all companies agree as to where the line is drawn. In Alberta the soonest they can ask for the inspection is when your vehicle is 12 years old and older. Some insurers do not require this be done until the car is 15 years-old.

Talk to your broker or agent about what your insurance company will require in regards to your vehicle. If you have some concerns about the inspection, you might consider a different company. It would be a better choice, of course, to get the repair work done.

A recent inspection on your vehicle helps to establish that your vehicle was in good running order at the time of a car accident. This might be useful in helping to establish that it was not your vehicle's breakdown that lead to a car crash so that did not contribute to your being at fault.