General Insurance

What is general insurance? Insurance is divided into the coverage for your home, automobile and business insurance. This would include items such as your travel trailers, surety, watercraft, ATVs and motorcycles. It deals with the property that you own or use and your business insurance requirements to operate that business. General insurance is often referred to as Property and Casualty (P&C).

There is another part of insurance called Accident and Sickness that looks after your disability insurance, travel insurance and group benefits plans.

Life insurance is for your policies that related to annuities, life insurance and items that do not tie into the Accident and Sickness portion.

Each one of these classes of insurance requires licensing. This also means that the agent or broker has to meet certain educational requirements and follow a code of conduct laid down by their governing body.

An agent or broker may have any one or all of these licenses. Ask questions of the adviser that you have chosen. You may need more then one type of agent or broker to fulfill all the needs you have for insurance. Ask about experience and expertise. The person you are dealing with could be freshly licensed or have many years of related experience and be regarded as an expert in the field.