Does your vehicle have ESC?

ESC is Electronic Stability Control. ESC can help prevent a collision. This can help save money on your insurance and possibly save your life in a bad car crash!

Some insurance companies are giving a discount on the collision portion of a policy for a vehicle equiped with ESC.

What does ESC do? ESC is a computer-controlled safety device that monitors the vehicle’s direction when compared to the direction of the steering wheel. So if the vehicle is in a skid, or if the tires are spinning, then the ESC system will automatically apply braking to certain wheels. It may even cut engine power to help the driver regain control. The ESC system will actively prevent and reduce skidding conditions and wheel spin before the driver is aware of the problem.

The devices such as airbags, seat belts and child seats are passive. They help passengers to survive, but they do not prevent a crash. The data from Canadian crash statistics from 2000 - 2005 show that vehicles equipped with ESC were in 30% fewer severe car crashes as a result of loss of control. In British Columbia alone, this could reduce the death toll by 255 people and non-fatal injuries by 1,440 people.

This option is fairly inexpensive but only 5% of vehicles have ESC. You can purchase it under trade names such as Advance Trac, VSC, ESP and StabiliTrak. This is something to consider when purchasing your next vehicle.