Dental is refers to the teeth and gums. If you were injured in a car accident then there could be a claim that would fall under the accident benefits portion of your vehicle insurance.

Travel insurance will also include some dental coverage but it is limited to accidental and sudden problems, not an ongoing condition. You cannot get your teeth capped while on holidays through your travel insurance. If you fell and broke a tooth then there would be coverage and could include a necessary cap. The key is "sudden and accidental" medical expense.

Most group plans will include some basic dental coverage. It may only be for examinations and necessary fillings. There can be a deductible and the total paid out can be limited to a certain amount per year.

Sometimes orthodontic care is included in a dental plan but if so, the premium will be relatively higher then a basic plan. There are many providers for this type of insurance, and a plan can be tailor-made to suit your situation. It is not uncommon for a person to claim benefits up to the limit of their plan and then have their partner claim whatever balance is left over. This is not unethical, this is just using two plans instead of just one for the same claim. You cannot claim more then the total amount paid out but it may enable to you to get closer to full repayment.

The issue with having a group plan only through your work is that when you leave your job, you usually leave your plan. Discuss your options with your agent or broker.