What is a collector vehicle?

A collector vehicle is special. Vehicles that are 15 years and older are usually in this category as well as the following:

  • Antique - cars that have been built between 1896 and 1942. This class can include the veteran vehicles (very early models), the brass (have a lot of polished brass trim) and the ones that were moderately priced and offered modest performance (family-type vehicles).
  • Classics - these are unique or fine cars that were built between 1924 and 1948. These vehicles can have custom coachwork. These are cars that were built for for high performance and were of the top design for the period.
  • Modified - These are cars that are stripped down and then modified. The modifications can include acceleration, appearance, performance and top speed. Examples of this would include lowriders, hot rods, street rods, rat rods and tuners.
  • Muscle - Muscles cars are standard American cars with powerful, factory fitted V-8 engines. Almost all of them are two door sedans, convertibles or coupes.
  • Replica - Replicas are almost the same thing except for some replicas are only available if fully built-up. Kits have their own chassis. Others supply the parts that you need to modify an existing car into a replica of an older car.
  • Exotics and Special Interest - These are high-valued high-performance vehicles that often are a limited edition. These can be produced by a major manufacturer and often can be used as a regular vehicle.
  • Post War - Post war sports cars are some of the most collectible vehicles today. These are cars built in the years following World War II. These vehicle were mass produced by major manufacturers.
  • Antique fire truck - An antique fire truck is not used for carrying passengers. It has to be retired from service and built in 1982 or earlier.
  • Military vehicle - Military vehicles from 1947 and before are light and medium weight. These units are no longer used for utility or work purposes.

What is your ride? Have you talked to your agent about your collector-type insurance? Some insurance companies have very strict limitations on how often and where you drive the vehicle. Some insurers will require a vehicle inspection and not all will insure your vehicle from the chassis-up.

Take control of your insurance. Ask for help by getting answers to your questions. If the person you ask does not have choices, look elsewhere.