Alarm System Discount

Insurance gives discounts for home, auto and business insurance. One that is quite common is alarm systems.

If your vehicle has an after factory alarm system professionally installed then take proof of this to your insurance broker. You should get a discount on your Comprehensive portion of your physical damage coverage. Why? It helps reduce theft of the vehicle.

If your home has an alarm system then you should be provided a certificate by the alarm company. Take this proof to your insurance agent and you will get a discount on your insurance. Why? Again, it can help to reduce losses. Alarm systems in homes now warn of intruders, fire and even water.

Your business may have alarms and this will either reduce your overall rating or actually provide a discount to the premiums. Alarms also help here as they do with home claims.

You might expect that a discount gets added automatically to your policy. This is not always true. You need to take responsibility for your own insurance. Review your policy at least once a year with your broker. Ask questions. Get answers.