What is a good alarm system?

A good alarm system can be a very small but "yappy" dog. The last thing a burglar wants is to draw attention to what he is doing! So an effective method of protecting your belongings does not have to be expensive.

Most monitored home alarms will cost from $25 month on up. This would include motion sensors and is for protection from intruders. To add fire protection would likely cost a bit more. A monitored home alarm will usually save you some money on your home insurance. You will need to provide proof of the installation. You can get a certificate from the alarm company and provide a copy to your agent or broker.

There are alarm systems that do not send off a signal, they just make a loud noise which draws attention to the scene. This could be effective at a location where there are people constantly in the area. If the alarm goes off and no one hears it then it will not be a good deterrent.

There are alarm systems that will disable the ignition to prevent vehicle theft. If this alarm system is part of the vehicle at time of purchase then it will not gain you a further discount. If you add an alarm to the vehicle then notify your insurance company as this can save you money for your Comprehensive (fire, theft, vandalism, etc.) coverage.

Often a business is required to have alarms on doors, windows, general floor and ceiling areas. This is due to the concern that thieves may try to enter the building through the roof. Skylights in a commercial building are usually barred for this reason.

Do be aware that if you have installed an alarm system and are receiving a discount then you are required to keep the system in good working order. If you stopped paying for the service or power has been disrupted then you should notify your insurance company.

When looking for an alarm do check with a few companies to see what is available to best suit your needs. Remember, the discount you receive on insurance will only pay for a month or two of service. There is a cost to a good system.