What Do You Ask About Travel Insurance?

Going fishing? You could need travel insurance. You can ask questions about what is included in the plan and you can compare costs. Some questions you might ask could include:

  • Is this an annual plan or a single trip plan? What do you need? How often do you travel outside your province?
  • If I decide to stay longer? Call before your existing policy expires.
  • What if I am already out of province? Coverage is available but usually with a waiting period.
  • Is there any procedure I should know about before a claim? e.g. If possible contact provider before choosing a hospital for treatment. This could speed up the processing of the paperwork.
  • Is there a special price for family rates? Usually you save money if family rated.
  • What is considered a family? Grandchildren often can travel under a grandparent's policy as part of a family package.
  • What deductible applies? Can this be lowered or increased? This can reduce or increase premium.
  • What if I am under a doctor's care? Is there an exclusion for my medical condition? Is there a limit to my coverage?
  • Is trip cancellation/trip interruption included? Booking your vacation travel online may not include this so be sure to check.
  • Is baggage coverage included? Your homeowner policy will have a deductible and a limitation on time that property is temporarily removed.
  • What is the maximum payout? Policies often will have limits of $5 million.
  • Does my credit card provide travel insurance coverage? What are the limitations and exclusions?

You can buy travel insurance online or through a travel agent. You can also ask for help and advice from your insurance agent or broker. Check these out and take control of your insurance. Ask the questions and get the answers you need.