Health insurance questions

What do you know about health insurance? Most people would shrug their shoulders and say that they just hope that they are getting something that is adequate. Why settle for less?

You can ask questions about saving money and about why type of coverage you will get. You should have some feeling of control in what you are purchasing. Some of these questions could include:

  • If I do not have a claim is there an option for a refund in whole or in part on the premium?
  • What is the claims process? How long will it take before I get paid?
  • What are the different levels of coverage available?
  • What is the advantage or disadvantage of the business paying the employees premiums? For the business? For the employee?
  • What is the waiting period before benefits are paid?
  • Is there a medical examination required? What if I already require a daily medication?
  • What is excluded from the coverage - can it be added for an extra charge?
  • Is there a deductible? Is it a one time, every claim or does it apply as an annual basis?
  • Is this policy portable? If I leave employment here, can I continue it from my next job?
  • Is there an age limit to this policy?

Add to this list anything that comes to mind and then go in prepared. We all know to consider what we are going to ask our doctor when we go for a visit. Why not apply this principle when purchasing your insurance? You have a right to the full insurance answer.