What are you doing for continuing ed?

What are you doing this fall to improve your job skills?

A recent survey by OfficeTeam has shown that there is a big concern about continuing education for employees.

It is a great benefit to an employee when opportunities are presented to improve one's job skills. If the courses are accredited and paid for the by employer then this is an even bigger incentive.

Beware the stress of taking on too many courses with a full work schedule. This will mean that you do not have on-the-job time to study or prepare lessons. You will need to make the commitment to get this done on your own time.

The study that was done shows that 41% of HR managers stated that their greatest staff concern is employee training and development. The research was done with a group of 150 HR managers whose companies have 20 or more employees.

The results for the question, "which of the following is your greatest staffing concern as a human resources professional?" came in as follows:

  • 41%Training and developing employees
  • 27% Recruiting new employees
  • 23% Retaining top-performing employees
  • 9% None/doesn't apply

So what are you looking at taking to further develop your career and improve your job satisfaction?