Does what you drive affect how you drive

Your probably think that high-performance cars get the most tickets. If so, you are wrong. The second annual study of vehicles types, drivers and tickets by the analytics firm, Quality Planning gives us some interesting results. The results are split between the vehicles getting the most tickets and the vehicles getting the least.

The category of "Spirited Vehicles" did turn out to be mostly foreign manufacturers. These statistics are based on Violations/100,000 miles driven, expressed as percentage of average.

Consider the percentages for gender. These statistics show that 73% of Hummers tended to be driven by men, usually between 30 and 60 years-old. Only the Mercedes CLK sedan and the Acura Integra coupe were more likely to be driven by men than women. The Camry and Solara drivers were 61% female, with only 26% younger than 30.

Results for Spirited Vehicles

Of the "Cautious Vehicles" class eight of the top 10 were either a minivan or a SUV. It is likely that the type of passengers, usually children who can be in car seats, will make for more cautious driving.

The statistics show that 60% of the SUV drivers in this category were women. In the minivan category 51% of the drivers were women.

The Oldsmobile Silhouette minivan and the Buick LaCrosse SUV has drivers as 50/50 for gender. Though the Buick had 81% of the ticketed drivers over 60 years-old with the Silhouette showing just 8%.

Results for Cautious Vehicles

Is your ride on this list? Where do you fit?