What can I do to prevent claims?

Besides the obvious steps of making good choices and being careful, what else can be done to help prevent claims?

Crimestoppers is a program that has had a strong impact. If it makes someone think twice about doing something wrong or if you report a criminal then that is a good thing. Neighbourhood Watch programs function in many neighbourhoods and help to keep that community safe. They always need volunteers. Driver training and safety programs to control the risk you take everyday on the road or during the daily operation of your business are all ways that you can help reduce the likelihood of a claim.

Making choices is what it all boils down to. Choosing to leave a little early or drive a little slower during bad weather will reduce the risk of car crashes. Not using your cell phone to text or talk while driving will reduce risk by as much as 40%.

Don't make assumptions. Paying attention to where you park your vehicle and being sure to always lock the vehicle will help reduce the chance of theft and/or vandalism.

Installing intruder alarms, secure locks on doors and locking garage doors will help prevent theft from your home. Doing simple things like having the newspaper delivery stopped and setting up timers on your lights will give your home an appearance of being occupied.

Your broker or agent will likely have some hand outs about how to reduce your risk. Isn't it nice to feel in control?