Most know about house insurance claims

Canadians know quite a bit about their insurance

It has been found that 77% of Canadian surveyed know what is covered on their home insurance policies.

This means that people are asking questions and getting the answers that they need. Of the 1,503 people surveyed by TD in the first week of September 2010 more than half of the people said that they had made a claim on their insurance.

Of that group 42% were surprised by what was covered and what was not on their insurance at the time of the claim.

The survey showed that Canadians most commonly believe the following is included in their home insurance:

  • Damaged or stolen property (82%)
  • Protection from liability if someone hurts themselves on their property (78%)
  • Roof damage from tree branches (73%)

Some of the misunderstandings include how much would be covered if your lawn or garden is damaged. The correct answer is that there is a limited amount and hail is not covered for your prize garden.

About 57% do not have an inventory of their contents. More than 66% do not advise their insurer when they buy something that is very expensive.

When asked 36% of Canadians surveyed were right about water damage being the greatest cause of claims 37% of the time.

Congratulations are in order. People are asking more questions and getting the answers they need on their homeowner insurance. To take control of your insurance means to ask for help when you need it and get the advice from the experts.