What bugs you?

A recent survey in the United Kingdom was done to find out what is bugging drivers there.

The results say that 53% of drivers stated that low-lying speed bumps are very annoying and 63% think that all low-lying speed bumps should be removed.

Road works and construction bug 16% of the people. Congested traffic and traffic jams are the most irritating to 12% of the respondents.

Interestingly only 7% of the drivers are annoyed by other drivers and their bad habits. The last 6% are annoyed the most by traffic lights.

Another poll of 2,000 United Kingdom drivers reveal that 72% of the drivers are regularly distracted by their passengers.

The passenger caused a loss of concentration resulting in 12% having an accident. The actions of the passengers led to about 18% having a near miss. When questioned 1/3 of the drivers state that they have to take their eyes off the road to deal with children family feuds or pet issues.

Talking loudly on the cell phone, constantly changing the radio station and smoking were listed as the most annoying habits in a passenger.

What bugs you?