What are you afraid of?

There have been studies done to see what Canadians and others in the world fear. The results compiled by RSA are interesting.

When you look at Canadians compared to other countries you see some big differences. Canadians are most concerned about the rising cost of living even though they have one of the most financially stable economies in the world.

Other areas of big concern to Canadians include cancer, climate change, damage to the natural environment, and traffic risks such as speeders or dangerous drivers.

The report states that on a global scale, bullying was identified as the top risk for children in the United Kingdom (UK), Sweden, Canada and Argentina. Poland named drugs, China reported pandemics and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) listed unsafe ingredients in food as the highest risk for children.

The number one risk identified in the report per country is:

  • The UK – anti-social behavior
  • Sweden – damage to the natural environment
  • Poland – drunk driving
  • China – earthquakes
  • The UAE – rising cost of living
  • Argentina – illegal drugs

It is interesting to note that the polls show a future concern could be the abuse of genetic profiling, as well as losing touch with reality due to an over reliance on virtual interaction.