Eat less and feel full?

Finally, something that actually works

I don't know about you but my biggest problem with losing weight is that I don't like to be hungry. Every diet I try ends up with me spending too much time thinking about food. So eventually I crumble into some nice cheddar cheese, chips, ice cream or whatever fatty, salty or sugary food is available.

When you have children around you have to keep certain "treats" in the house. You can only eat so many carrots and celery sticks and guess what, you will still feel unsatisfied and want something more.

The answer is pretty simple. Water before meals leads to weight loss. You have to develop a habit of drinking one to two glasses of water just before you eat. You should do this about 20 minutes before you eat but if necessary, just sit there and down those two glasses of water before you start. You will find that your stomach feels fuller.

This is something that has been "said" for a long time but until recently it had not actually been tested in a controlled situation. It has been proven that the people who drink water prior to eating will eat less. You develop this steady water drinking-habit and it will help you to keep the weight off when you are not dieting.

If you like then throw in a bit of lemon or lime. Be careful though, there is some concern about acid on the enamel of your teeth. Check with your dentist about adding this dash of flavour.