A watercraft can be a craft, vehicle, or a vessel which is designed to move on (or through) the water. This could be freshwater or saltwater, inland or ocean. Watercraft are used for pleasure, business such as the transport of merchandise, physical exercise, recreation and by the military.

Some examples of watercraft would include ships, boats, rafts, canoes, seadoos (jet ski), barges, sailboats, hydrofoils, windsurfers, and kayaks.

Watercraft can be included within your property policy but there is limits to the length of the unit, the size and type of motor and the maximum speed.

A watercraft policy can provide coverage that is restricted by the property (homeowner) policy. It can be very reasonably priced and there are benefits to have it separately written. One is that a claim is tied to the watercraft policy and not the property.

Be aware that there are regulations requiring that the operators of all power driven (motorized ) recreational boats in Canada must have an operator card. By September 15, 2009 all operators of personal watercraft must have an operator license.

Check with your insurance broker or agent as to what is the best coverage for you. Adding the watercraft to your home policy? Writing it as a stand alone coverage? Weight your benefits of all available methods.