Water Escape

Not all water escape damage is covered by insurance. Some situations that can be a claim under insurance policies include:

  • accidental and sudden escape of water from a water main
  • accidental and sudden escape of steam or water from within an air conditioning system or domestic appliance, from plumbing or a heating sprinkler that is inside the home
  • accidental and sudden escape of water from a domestic appliance located outside your dwelling as long as the damage is not caused by freezing
  • if accidental and sudden damage is caused to the home by an Insured Peril such as a tree branch in a windstorm
  • accidental and sudden escape of water from a public water main

No claim will be paid for property that is under construction or vacant. If you will be away from home during the heating season most insurance companies require that you have taken care to either shut off the water supply and all appliances and pipes drained or that a competent person has checked the dwelling on a daily basis. Some companies are more lenient in their requirements.

Consult with your agent or broker to determine your situation.