Edmonton helping environment

Edmonton is offering a $75 rebate for people who buy an Energy Star-rated washing machine.

This program will cost $115,000 and it will be the first 1,500 people who purchase their units that will receive the benefit.

It is not just the new owners of these units that will see a benefit. The washers will cut energy and water consumption in half. This reduces the monthly bill but it is great for the environment.

The Alberta provincial government is also offering a $100 rebate.

How does this relate to insurance? Water claims are a big part of insurance payouts. If the water consumption is reduced then the frequency of sewer back up claims also can be minimized. It is not a big impact but every step in the right direction is a good one.

If you are looking at replacing a major appliance or a furnace then do check for programs in your area that will help you to reduce that carbon footprint and save money.