Walt Disney settles injury claim

The Walt Disney company has recently settled a lawsuit filed for injury to a woman from China. The woman fell out of a Disneyland tram, and suffered serious injury. The injury has left her requiring 24-hour medical supervision, for the rest of her life.

Lawyers for the plaintiff, Qi Zhao and the defendant, Disney, reached the agreement after a two-week trial that ended on May 26th, with the settlement. The dollar value is not known.

The suit was filed in 2007, by Zhao. Her allegation was that the tram driver was going too fast. Zhao, 48, was riding the tram with her niece and two sisters. The first incident was when one of the sisters fell out of the tram, as it approached a parking lot. Then the other two sisters fell out. Only one suffered minor injuries, but not Zhao. Zhao hit her head on the pavement. She suffered traumatic brain injuries, and a skull fracture. Zhao was in a coma for three weeks.

Disney's defense was that the tram was not moving too fast, and had a limitation of speed device, for 18 km per hour. Disneyland's officials say that safety is a top priority.

Zhao's husband, Zuchun Wang, alleged loss of consortium and became a plaintiff last October. At the time of the accident, Zhao and her husband were living in California.

The sisters settled with Disney before Zhao's case came to court.

Zhao now resides in Beijing.