Walk for a healthy brain

Walk to keep your brain healthy

This is one time when you, "Walk for the Cure", that it is for yourself. We know that as we age the brain gets smaller. Memory can be affected.

Shrinking of the brain can lead to absent-mindedness and dementia. So how do you protect your brain and keep your memory crisp?

The solution is rather simple. Walking just six miles a week can give you that brain protection and actually improve your memory.

Research has shown that people who have more physical activity actually have more brain mass.

If you are retired or semi-retired then you need to be sure to have a routine that adds in some exercise. Walking can be done alone, with a pet or join a neighbor or friend.

Your mental activity when you are young or middle-aged is usually good. Most people will play video games, do crossword puzzles, play chess or have jobs that require making mental connections.

When you retire this can slow right down and you need to be aware that using your brain on a regular basis is part of your exercise routine. What can you do that is fun and yet is good mental exercise?