Wal Mart faces class action lawsuit

Even Wal-Mart Stores Inc. has to be aware of the consequences of not stringently following the rules regarding employees and sex discrimination.

There is a case before the US Supreme Court right now to halt a huge sexual discrimination case being brought by more than one million women workers.

It is alleged that Wal-Mart practices widespread discrimination in its pay and promotion practices. This litigation could involve billions of dollars in damages. It could be years of court time going through the appeal process as well.

Workplace safety is a big issue. Sex discrimination can be quickly followed by sexual harassment. Business owners, beware. A good company procedure manual must be in place and diligently followed. Do your training and follow up to be sure that the rules are being followed or you could find yourself in court.

Insurance help

Management liability is a form of insurance to provide defense costs for when you find yourself in this type of situation. You cannot always control circumstances. Do talk to your agent or broker about what is correct for your insurance protection.