What is a vehicle inspection report (VIR)? A vehicle inspection report is required by the insurance company to prove the safety or if the automobile is roadworthy. Sometimes this is referred to as a garage inspection report (GIR). Insurance companies believe that a safe car is less likely to have a car accident.

Who completes the VIR? These forms have to be completed by a licensed automobile mechanic. The mechanic has to sign the report and provide his license number and the business name where he is employed. The report is then given to the agent or broker and then submitted to the insurance company underwriter.

What is on the report? Your vehicle will be rated for the tires being in good condition, the horn operating properly, the steering, tie rods, brakes and other mechanical parts working correctly. The question will be asked, "Is this vehicle in roadworthy condition?" and the question, "Has there been any alteration for performance?". The general condition of the body of the vehicle, noting if there is rust or previous damage is noted on the report.

Some insurance companies will require a satisfactory report for vehicles 12 years-old and older. Some may not want this report unless the vehicle is 15 years-old. The insurance companies do have the right to cancel your policy if you fail to provide this documentation within a timely manner (usually 30 days).