A violation is a misdemeanor: a crime less serious than a felony. A conviction or ticket on your driver's license is a violation. How will a violation affect your insurance? If you have tickets you may lose out on special discounts. If you have too many tickets your driving record can be reduced which will increase your premium. If you have too many tickets you may have a surcharge on both the public liability and property damage (PLPD) and collision section of your vehicle. If you have too many tickets you may be deemed unacceptable to the standard market and have to use the high risk. Again, this will result in an increased insurance cost for your car.

Fraud is also considered a violation but can have far more serious consequences. There is a certain percentage of fraud involved in insurance claims. Due to this situation it is important that you be very careful to present yourself in the most accurate way possible.

Fraud would void the insurance coverage and you would not have a claim. The exception to this is if you were the mortgage holder of a property then the fraud of the insured would not affect your coverages.