Vinyl adhesive wood care product recall

On February 1, 2011 Wood Care Products by HG Specialties Inc. were recalled by Health Canada.

The recall involves two wood care products by HG Specialties Inc.:

  • Vinyl Adhesive (ERD 25) is available in a white cylindrical metallic can and weighs 237 mL.
  • Vinyl Adhesive (ERD 100) is available in a white cylindrical metallic can and weighs 946 mL.

What is the danger?

Health Canada's auditing process has revealed that the recalled products do not meet labeling requirements for consumer chemical products under Canadian law.

This lack of labeling information, including appropriate warnings, may lead to serious injury or property damage.

At time of the recall neither HG Specialties Inc. nor Health Canada has received any reports of incidents or illnesses related to the use of these products.

What should I do?

You should immediately stop using the recalled products and dispose of them as per Municipal Hazardous Waste Guidelines. You may contact their municipality for instructions on how to dispose of chemical products.

How many were sold and where?

Approximately 233 of the recalled products were sold at various retailers in Quebec. These recalled products were sold from January 2010 to October 2010.

The vinyl adhesive was manufactured in Canada. The manufacturer is HG Specialties Inc. of Blainville, Quebec.