Vehicle Inspection Report

Also known as VIR or garage inspection report (GIR). In Alberta personal vehicles which are 12 years-old and older can be required to undergo a vehicle inspection report (VIR or GIR) to prove that it is roadworthy.

If this form is not satisfactorily completed within 30 days the insurance company has the right to cancel the entire policy. Each province has its own regulations regarding which vehicles need to be inspected and how often.

In Alberta if the required vehicle inspection report is not satisfactory then the owner of the vehicle has to complete repairs. The underwriter has the discretion to ask for a new inspection or may accept receipts as proof of repairs.

If you have a vehicle inspection that is less then six months old then the insurer may accept it as a current document.

When does a vehicle need a vehicle inspection report? Depending on the provincial regulations the vehicle that is 11 years-old and newer does not require an inspection unless it has been written off and repaired or if it has a required out of province inspection.

Most provinces will require that any vehicle new to the province undergo a vehicle inspection of a very high standard. See your registry office in this regard.

Transport Canada has regulations on inspections that need to be done for commercial vehicles, particularly long haul. These trucks must meet very high standards of safety and keep logs of the maintenance and repairs done to them. Annual inspections are a minimum requirement. The vehicle inspection report done for a larger unit like this would be quite different then what is done for a personal vehicle.