Vehicle Inspection

A vehicle inspection can be demanded by the registry office if your vehicles has not been insured in that province before. It can also be required on a yearly basis in some provinces.

In Alberta vehicles which are 12 years-old and older can be required to undergo a vehicle inspection to prove that it is roadworthy.

The Superintendent of Insurance has issued a form that is used by all the insurance companies. This form is to be completed by a licensed mechanic and covers areas including the windshield, brakes, steering, and any damage to the vehicle.

If the report is not satisfactory then the owner of the vehicle will be required to complete satisfactory repair. Sometimes receipts are required and sometimes a new inspection has to be done. This is at the discretion of the underwriter.

If a satisfactory inspection is not provided then an insurance company has the right to cancel the policy.

  • Your agent or broker will have the forms for this vehicle inspection.