Who is liable for post UFC gay bashing?

Hate Crime investigators are checking into an event that happened mid June 2010 in Vancouver. What makes it unusual is that there is blame being put upon the recent Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) event held in that city.

The suspects were on Indo-Canadian descent who appeared to be in their 20s. They were wearing jeans and T-shirts. They appeared to have been drinking and it is suspected that they had just left the UFC event that was going on a few blocks from the victims home.

When the gay couple arrived home they found one of the suspects urinating on the wall near their door. The other suspect was publicly drinking. Conflict resulted from conversation between the two groups. The gay couple ended up being treated at the hospital after a fight broke out.

The police have no solid evidence that the incident is a result of the UFC event. The victims state that when you mix that much testosterone and liquor the result is conflict. Things were out of control. Do you want that in your neighbourhood?

If the UFC did have liquor liability coverage this would still not stretch over to cover an illegal action. Criminal acts such as this are not covered by insurance. This looks like it might be labeled a hate crime.

The Olympic City would not see this situation as healthy and it is unfortunate to be tied to a sporting event. Hopefully there is some extra policing after this type of venue to prevent future incidents.