Valley Of Fear pays for injury

Valley of Fear waterslide ride injures man

A ruling by the Supreme Court of British Columbia has ordered Cultus Lake Waterpark Ltd. near Chilliwack, British Columbia, to pay $488,050 in damages to a man who was accidentally struck by a pipe that fell off a waterslide.

In August 2003, Robert Reimer was waiting to climb the stairs to the "Valley of Fear" waterslide. Unexpectedly the pipe that measures the height of eligible riders falls from the platform at the top of the stairs. The pipe strikes Reimer in the head. Of course Reimer went to a medical clinic, where he had a small cut sutured. Reimer was sent home after no fracture was detected.

It has been found that since the accident, Reimer has experienced chronic neck pain, double vision, intense headaches and sensitivity to light. His work has suffered because he has had difficulty with concentration, memory, and organization. His home life and physical condition have suffered due to the injury as well.

The court considered the evidence and awarded Reimer damages for loss of earning capacity, loss of past income, special damages, general damages and cost of future care.

This type of claim would be paid under the waterpark's commercial general liability policy. A typical policy covers injury to persons through a negligent act. The pipe falling would likely be regarded as negligence.