Trucks having accidents

There has been a report done by the Traffic Injury Research Foundation, that shows that truck accidents resulting in death are often from single-vehicle incidents.

In comparison to other regions, the fatal accidents involving the big trucks in B.C., is the result of speeding or has a driver who is 41 years-old or older.

"Best Practices for Truck Safety" is a report, that is a result of the study done by the research foundation. In the report, the principal causes of a single-vehicle accident for a truck with a gross weight of 4,536 kg and heavie,r were poor weather conditions, poor road conditions or curved roads with a gradient.

Where there is another vehicle involved, then the big truck driver is less likely to be found at-fault in an accident.

The insurance answer is that the big truck does have a professional driver behind the wheel. That driver has to have completed special licensing to drive the unit. Medical exams are mandatory, to be sure that the driver is in good health. Even with all this experience and regulation, this driver does not get a further discount on his personal auto insurance.

Read the actual report in the link shown below.