Trick or treat home safety tips

6 steps to protect those little ghosts and goblins Halloween night

Yes, you can get sued if a child gets hurt while trick or treating at your house. So here is a quick check list to run through.

1. If you set out a pumpkin that has a candle flame then be sure it is out of reach of small children. Often the parent is standing back on the sidewalk and you are supervising the child's safety.

2. Make sure that the path to your door is well-lit. You are likely to have on an outside light to indicate that you are a house with candy to give away. You might want to put in some solar lights to light the pathway as well.

3. Keep an eye on the immediate area outside your door. If children have left half-eaten food or drinks then they may pose a slip and fall hazard. You are obliged to police the area and keep it clean of anything that could increase the chance of an accident happening.

4. Some people will give out small dollar store-type toys rather than candy. Be sure that you are aware of the age limitations. You do not want to give out a toy that is for a three year-old to a two year-old. If there was an injury you would be liable.

5. If you decorate your home then do consider the effect for a small child, wearing a costume that may limit their vision. Make sure that railings are still usable and stairs allow for easy access up and down. There can be a group of kids all trying to get their bags filled at the same time.

6. Pets can get spooked by Halloween. Rather than have an issue with Fido snapping or biting a child you want to consider containing your dog during the peak trick or treat hours.