Travel insurance claim tips

I've got a travel insurance claim. Now what?

Contact your insurance company right away. You should have a phone number or email contact information in your policy package. This is important to do as your insurer may want to direct you to a certain hospital where they know the quality of the health care you will receive.

Depending on where you are there can be costs from the price of the hospital room to getting a bed pan to use. Having some money from the insurance at a time like this get help with the stress of getting hurt in a foreign country.

Provide your travel insurance information to the caregivers. Ask for copies of all charges. Save your airline tickets as you may have to prove you were out of the country. Keep all the bills, fill out any information that is requested and respond quickly to any requests from your insurer. The faster they can put it together, the faster you will get repaid for expenses and the health care providers paid their due.

It is not uncommon from some health service providers, particularly in the United States, to start pushing hard for payment immediately after bills have been presented.

If you are having any problems with communication - you call the broker or agent who sold you the policy.