Trauma Amnesia

Firefighters refer to the state of mind that you experience right after you have a fire, as "trauma amnesia". It is really hard to think straight, when your first mental connection is to a traumatic event such as a fire. This also occurs when you have to deal with a burglary, car accident, death, or other horrendous event.

After a loss, you will be required to provide a list of the items that have been stolen, damaged or destroyed. This list must be completed with accurate representations of the the quantity and value of each item.

If you do not have an inventory of your contents, it will be very difficult for you to put together an accurate representation of your loss. You will forget items until long after the claim is done, and it is too late to go backwards. This is human nature and not a lack of your own intelligence or abilities.

Talk to your agent or broker about ways to put together an accurate listing of your property. This will provide you with confirmation that the amount you have on your policy is adequate, but will also be a fabulous resource if you ever have a claim.