Toronto roads flooded

Toronto roads have been pooling with water due to late July thunderstorms resulting in heavy rain.

Flood reports came in from the city's Beach neighbourhood to the east and Ontario Place to the west.

Houses have been flooded, with about 100 homes across the city having water problems. If the water is not a result of sewer back up then coverage can be very limited or not there at all.

You are best to stay away from a flooded area. If you hit a sinkhole your collision damage could be invoked. This could be regarded as a fault claim and impact your insurance rates.

If you find yourself on a flooded street with water entering your vehicle it is likely the vehicle will shut down. Once a vehicle has been immersed in water there can be serious electric problems. Usually vehicles are written off that suffer flooding. Flood is a claim under the Specified Perils portion of your insurance.

Ontario has had the coldest July since 1992 but has not yet matched the rainfall of last year.

The insurance answer is to be prepared. Protect your belongings. If you experience a flood then try to limit the damage by moving property and contact your insurance advisor right away.