Thunderstorm hits Edmonton, AB

Thousands were left without power on Saturday, July 18th 2009 due to a violent thunderstorm which hit Edmonton.

Trees were broken in half or uprooted, transit passengers were stranded and the daily newspaper was not delivered.

Hail the size of marbles, hit parts of the city with winds peaking at 105 km/h. There were two funnel clouds spotted near St. Paul.

Traffic lights were out in some areas and provided a challenge for the police. The Edmonton Journal was unable to publish the Sunday and Monday papers, because they lost power at the printing plant.

The insurance answer is that when that tree hits your home, or hail destroys the trailer parked in your yard, you could file a claim. Do be aware that during the course of the storm, you could not make a quick call and add coverage for hail to your trailer. Like the boy scout, you need to "be prepared".