Three things your Broker might not tell you

1. The more insurance you buy, the more your Broker will get paid. Every policy generates a commission to that Broker's agency. The Broker might get a share. Even if the Broker does not get a share, it still affects that Broker's "Book of Business". The boss wants the Broker to meet certain goals. The Broker must accomplish these goals to reach performance expectations. Exceeding performance usually results in a raise.

2. On-line insurance is usually cheaper. There is no "middle man" to act on your behalf - the Broker. This is not a website set up by an agency, but directly by the insurance company. You will have to set up the policy yourself and deal with any changes or problems. It will usually save you money.

3. The "squeaky wheel" gets the grease! If you are the "good client" and rarely make a change to your policy, pay your bills on time and never phone your Broker then you will likely not get much attention. If you are lucky, then your policy will be checked every three years or so, to be sure that the pricing is still competitive.

If you are the "demanding client" and complain about a price increase or threaten to move your business, then your Broker will have to work harder to get the price down. Now your Broker will call the Underwriter and try and get a better deal. If the Broker thinks you will move all your business, then you will get a more concentrated effort to try and keep your business. This usually means you will pay less.