Am I Covered If Something Is Stolen From My Vehicle?

Not by your auto policy unless it is part of the car, such as built-in stereo system, etc. The stereo system has to be a built-in or it will be considered contents. So the CDs, your clothing, laptop or purse will not be covered under the automobile insurance.

If you have a "homeowner", "condominium owner" or "tenant" policy then most of these will provide coverage for personal effects newly acquired or temporarily removed from your home, such as shopping bags, clothes, luggage, etc.

If that laptop is for business use, then you must have advised the Broker or Agent. If it is included in a claim for your personal contents, then the use must be personal. Insurance is worded so that if an item would be more properly covered by a different type of policy. For example - home vs automobile, then this item will be excluded. If your garage catches on fire and the car parked inside does not have insurance, then you cannot claim under the home insurance for the car.

Locking the car doors, having an alarm system and locking your garage door are all good risk management in reducing claims. Be aware that your home policy will also have a limitation for auto parts stolen from the garage!

Talk to your Broker about your insurance needs to be sure that you have adequate coverage for the trailer, boat, parked car or business property you may own.