Theft Claim Cost

CLEAR rating system - this is the relative index based on the cost per vehicle for theft claims. This helps to determine the theft claim cost.

This factor is part of what determines the price you pay for your Comprehensive or Specified Perils portion of your vehicle insurance. If you have a vehicle with a higher rating then you might consider increasing your deductible to lower your premium. Most of these vehicles already come with On-Star or some other type of alarm system to help prevent vehicle theft.

The family station wagon is likely to have a lower rate then the sports car. The popularity of certain vehicles is also a factor as more vehicles are sold. This will skew the numbers somewhat as there will be more reported theft claims involving this particular vehicle.

This CLEAR system affects personal lines vehicles. Commercial vehicles are rated by the year they are built and the amount that is paid for them. With the higher valued commercial vehicles you will see higher deductibles usually based on 5% of the list price new.