Thanksgiving holiday insurance tips

Thanksgiving is a very important holiday in the United States. It seems to generate more excitement than Christmas. TurnersTips wants your Thanksgiving celebrations to go smoothly and here are a few insurance tips that you might consider:

1. If you are serving a turkey then do follow the turkey food preparation guide carefully to prevent any mishaps.

2. Consider the range of ages for your guest list. Do be alert to having clear pathways for any senior or handicapped persons not only outside the home but down your hallways. This could be something as simple as moving the dining room table two inches to the left. Also consider moving some of the fragile glass or ceramic objects out of the reach of little fingers. Keeping children safe in your home is your highest duty and sometimes the parents are distracted.

3. If you are serving liquor then be prepared for an over-indulger and how to handle that situation. If you know that one individual can be a problem then you might appoint a family member to keep an eye on that situation.

4. Be prepared for the unexpected overnight guests. Whether it is due to drinking too much or bad road conditions, sometimes the visit can be extended into days.

5. Check that your smoke alarm batteries are fresh and if there is an incident with the oven creating some excess smoke, be sure to reset the alarm if it is temporarily disabled.

6. When cooking keep the pot handles turned in to prevent curious little fingers from pulling them down. Turn off elements quickly and keep an eye on hot spots until they are cooled completely.

7. Hot drinks deserve a caution when served and should not be left close to edges where those curious little fingers can reach up and grab.

8. If using an electric knife when carving then be sure to put it away, well out of reach. When washing be very careful of knife edges as they will cut deeply.

9. Have a well-stocked first aid kit and fire extinguisher in the home, just in case.

10. If you are traveling then be sure to give yourself some extra time during the heavy holiday traffic. This is a time when there are more accidents then usual so drive defensively.