A tenant is a person or a business that rents or leases property. Most often you will have a rental or lease agreement with the owner of the building.

Insurance advice

Take a copy of your lease or rental agreement to your insurance agent or broker. If you have legal obligations that can be addressed by insurance then this is the way to get it done. When the plate glass window of your storefront is broken then you will know what your deductible is and decide whether to claim or repair at your own cost. It will not be a surprise to you that you are responsible. This is taking control of your insurance.

When your neighbor in the apartment next-door has a fire which results in water everywhere from the fireman's hoses you will be able to fund temporary accommodation. Even if the building burnt to the ground you would have the funds to replace your contents and money to live somewhere else until you could return to your building. What a good feeling that is when disaster has struck.

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