Temporary Removal

Temporary removal means that your personal property is covered while it is away from home. This applies to property from any part of the building that would be removed for seasonal storage or for a repair. It also applies to property that you have removed to protect it from damage.

Depending on the company, temporary removal usually has a time limit of 30 to 60 days.

We know insurance always has restrictions. So for temporary removal be aware that you will not be paid on a claim for any temporary removal of watercraft, furnishings for the watercraft, any motors or equipment. You do not have coverage for the property in a home trailer or a vacation trailer.

Of course there is a way for you to protect the property that is in your vacation trailer or the watercraft. You can purchase separate property coverage for your watercraft or vacation trailer. Some insurance companies include some property coverage when they set up a package policy for the boats and trailers.

Total up the replacement cost of everything you carry in and out the boat or trailer. Is this already included in the policy you have? If not, can you add it? Is there something that suits your needs a little better available from your agent or broker? You need to take control of your insurance and ask some questions.